Haugen-Gruppen A/S Denmark was established on 1st September 2001 as a merger between Tørsleff & Co., Carl Lange A/S and Competent Catering AS.

Both Tørsleff & Co. A/S and Carl Lange A/S was founded in the late 19th century. Both companies have over the period focused on import, distribution and marketing of food products to the Danish market.

Haugen-Gruppen Nordic is today among the strongest import, sales and marketing organisations of FMCG in the Nordic region. We focus on international strong brands of good quality. Our goal is to be leaders in introducing and developing exciting brands and new trends to both the retail and foodservice market.

We strive to be market leader within the categories we work. Among our most famous brands today we have Tørsleff, Paradiso, Twinings, Blue Dragon, Kikkoman, Nissin, Pataks, Monini, Gaea and Mazzetti.

Haugen-Gruppen A/S Denmark works towards the following trade channels: grocery, foodservice and confectionery.